Jacek Koziarski.


Jacek Koziarski is a PhD Candidate in the Sociology Department at the University of Western Ontario, Managing Editor of Police Practice & Research, a Research Associate for the Canadian Society of Evidence-Based Policing, a Research Fellow with the Saskatoon Police Service, and an Independent Research Consultant. His research centers on various aspects of policing, with a particular focus on police interactions with persons with perceived mental illness (PwPMI). Another line of inquiry for my work centers around examining the spatial and temporal patterns of both crime and non-crime-related issues (e.g., police-PwPMI interactions, missing persons, etc.). Some of his most recent research appears in Policing: An International Journal, Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, and the International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice.

Current projects.

Covid-19 and mental health calls

Spatial dynamics of mental health calls

Mental health issues in police calls for service data

Drawing upon seven years of police calls for service data (2014-2020), this study examines the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on calls involving persons with perceived mental illness (PwPMI) using a Bayesian Structural Time Series.

Drawing upon six years of calls for service data, spatial point pattern tests reveal that the spatial patterns of PMI calls are highly stable over time. Understanding the spatial stability of these calls is vital in informing possible proactive outreach activities by the police and their mental health partners as greater focus can be paid to chronic areas of PMI call concentration.

With Lorna Ferguson and Laura Huey, we examine the extent to which mental health is a 'hidden factor' in other types of calls for service that are not marked as 'mental health.'



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