Judith Andersen.


Judith Andersen is a health psychologist whose research interests focus on the biopsychosocial mechanisms by which stress impacts health and occupational performance. In addition to lab studies, she uses ambulatory psychophysiological equipment to conduct field research with people who experience trauma and severe stress. Prof. Andersen’s on-going research projects include resilience training and research on the health and performance outcomes of psychophysiological stress intervention techniques for civilians, police and military personnel.

Current projects.

Mental health response evaluations

Calls for service data


Evaluation of South Simcoe's COAST response program. SSHRC funded.

Evaluation of  a COAST response program. SSHRC funded.

Evaluation of mental health calls across Canada. This project involves prevalence estimates, file reviews to capture call features, interviews with crime/data analysts across the country, etc.

Evaluation of de-escalation training with a municipal police service. This project includes  a content review of their training and tracking de-escalation use by 48 new recruits across the first year of their career (through surveys, interviews, coach officer assessments, and observations during ride alongs.


Coding of de-escalation and use of force - developing decision making and performance coding frameworks, including data related to inter-rater reliability, for use when conducting ride along studies, coding BWC footage, and assessint training; this includes a component where we're exploring the relationship between de-escalation and officer safety. SSHRC funded.




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