Mary Ann Campbell.


Mary Ann Campbell is an Full Professor in the Psychology Department at the Saint John Campus of the University of New Brunswick. Her main area of research focuses on developing and enhancing the application of evidence-based strategies for crime prevention and reduction.

Her research has included the study of criminal behaviour committed by adults, youths, and special populations (e.g., persons with mental health issues); understanding the psychopathic personality through its measurement and various manifestations in offender and general populations; enhancing positive outcomes for justice-involved youth through evidence-based practice; and the evaluation of intervention programs aimed at crime prevention and risk reduction goals (e.g., mental health courts, chronic offender interventions, drug-treatment programs).

Another related area of interest pertains to police psychology.


Dr. Campbell has been involved in projects evaluating the implementation of intelligence-led policing, application of community policing principles, and the enhancement of best practices in police work (e.g., police responses to intimate partner violence, credibility assessment methods).

Current projects.

Mental health response evaluations

Calls for service data


Evaluation of South Simcoe's COAST response program. SSHRC funded.

Evaluation of  a COAST response program. SSHRC funded.

Evaluation of mental health calls across Canada. This project involves prevalence estimates, file reviews to capture call features, interviews with crime/data analysts across the country, etc.

Evaluation of de-escalation training with a municipal police service. This project includes  a content review of their training and tracking de-escalation use by 48 new recruits across the first year of their career (through surveys, interviews, coach officer assessments, and observations during ride alongs.


Coding of de-escalation and use of force - developing decision making and performance coding frameworks, including data related to inter-rater reliability, for use when conducting ride along studies, coding BWC footage, and assessint training; this includes a component where we're exploring the relationship between de-escalation and officer safety. SSHRC funded.




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